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Midwest Valve Parts Supply Company, Inc. provides replacement valve and actuator parts to valve remanufacturers, as well as end users in mining, oil fields and petroleum distribution; steam and electric power generation; and such process industries as refineries, petro-chemical, corrosive chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

MVP has an extensive cross-reference database to OEM part numbers for rapid identification of most parts required. Whenever the required part is not in the MVP database or the identification is uncertain for any reason, a replacement can be produced from the worn part. No parts are considered obsolete. In many cases relatively expensive worn parts can be reworked or repaired which results in considerable savings.
All parts, repairs and “as new” remanufactured and surplus equipment supplied by Midwest Valve Parts carry an extended two (2) year warranty equivalent to that of the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Parts are further guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality of OEM parts and be completely interchangeable in form, fit and function to parts supplied by the OEM.
This is the critical consideration. Repairs cost money, money in the parts and labor and money in the downtime. Midwest Valve Parts recognizes our responsibility to be one of the strongest links in the chain of a professional maintenance and repair operation.

In emergency repairs, there is always that drive to get it done as soon as at all possible.

With Midwest Valve Parts, you won’t have to tempt fate by sacrificing quality for fast delivery. We stock over 8000 items available for same day delivery.

Almost all non-stock or reverse engineered valve parts require no more than a two-week lead-time.


Competitive pricing, consistent with standards that never sacrifice quality, comes from our strengths in product and market understanding.

Our database – built from over 20 years of order tracking – and supplemented by field information from our customers, provides guidance in our restocking operations. Likewise, the breadth of our customer base allows us to stock even low wear items at a reasonable cost.

We also wish to encourage you to consider "as new" remanufactured and surplus valves to meet new specifications when you are upgrading your facility. These valves are covered by the same excellent warranty that covers our replacement parts.
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